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Preparation - Enter - Position

Welcome to the Invisible Kingdom

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Experience spiritual battles & metaphoric chess game in one of its kind eBook. Conquer fear & truth with battles of faith & conquering death in this intriguing series.

Preparation The Opening Game Plan

Four Individuals without their knowledge prepare for the Invisible Kingdom. They will set the course for others to follow as they prepare to battle the enemy of the souls of humanity.

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Enter - Middle Game Plan

The second of the three book series "ENTER" continues the battle for the souls of humanity. The preparation of forty years for twelve tribes to enter the land of an Invisible Kingdom.

Ruth Enters the Invisible Realm Video 

Position - The End Game Plan

The last of the three book series "Position." All in position to the last few moves to checkmate the enemy. After the creation of man and the woman, the enemy enslaving the souls of humanity.

Only one King will declare victory, checkmating the enemy for the soul of humanity. Discover the last few moves as the pawn reaches the eighth rank to the end game inside "The Invisible Kingdom."

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