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God’s Legitimate Action Suppresses Satan

Unbroken-Glass-Split, we are introduced to three men-Unbroken-Glass-Split. How they ever produced these movie titles continues to amaze me. The titles work as a theme for the movie. In the movie “Split” we are introduced to a character with twenty-three personalities, by the end of the movie we are introduced to the twenty-fourth personality as the protector of the twenty-third. Is it possible to be controlled by different characters in one body? How does one character or personality switch from one to the other during the same interaction with the individual?

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Feel free to drop me a message, and if art work is not in the gallery send me your favorite image and I will get back to you if used for the gallery. I'm here to turn your ideas into digital art for you to print, frame and display or share. Can't wait to hear from you!

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