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Preparation - Enter- Position
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1. The document discusses the fear and impact of the "Invisible Enemy," which is referring to the COVID-19 pandemic. ​It describes how this enemy cannot be touched but has visible effects on people's lives, such as empty shelves, unemployment, and confinement to homes. ​

2. The author draws parallels between the fear of the invisible enemy and a personal experience at the zoo, where the roar of a lion sparked the question of survival. ​ This fear is compared to facing the lions of the world and the need for courage and peace in such situations. ​

3. The document mentions a book being written about preparing for the battle against the invisible enemy and the struggles faced during the COVID-19 pandemic. ​It discusses the concept of "Spiritual Warfare" and the need to understand and unveil the weapons used by the unseen enemy. ​

4. There is a reference to a study group exploring the Invisible Realms of the Christian walk and the responsibility Christians have in representing the Kingdom against the unseen enemy. ​ The book also mentions the Old Testament passages that reference Satan and his strategies.

5. The document briefly mentions the film "Avengers Infinity War" and how it grossed over $2 billion worldwide. ​ It discusses the importance of understanding Biblical references in movies and not being deceived by misrepresentations of the true nature of the enemy encountered in daily life. ​ It also mentions the character Wonder Woman defeating Ares in the movie.

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  1. Vision, Thanos, and Pharaoh are all characters from different movies (Avengers, Batman, and Moses) who have different beliefs and motivations.
  2. The phrase "I am" is used by Vision and God to assert their identity and purpose. 
  3. Thanos believes that destroying half of all living beings will save those he chooses, while Batman sees Superman as a god and wants to bring an end to him. 
  4. The middle game in chess is a complex and important phase where most games are decided. 
  5. The ten plagues in the story of Moses and Pharaoh represent a battle between the gods of Egypt and the one true God, Jehovah. ​
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Position Preview

  1. The Jordan River symbolizes the gateway to an Eternal Kingdom and the Promised Land. ​ It represents the metamorphosis of time into eternity. ​
  2. The crossing of the Jordan River serves as a gateway to the future for Israel, just as Moses led the Israelites to cross the river and escape oppression under Pharaoh's rule. ​
  3. Jesus' baptism in the Jordan River marks the initiation of the final phase, transitioning humanity from bondage to sin and time to a state of liberation into eternity. ​
  4. The Jordan River acts as a stargate bridging the past, present, and future, allowing for time travel and communication between heaven and earth. ​
  5. The baptism of Jesus in the Jordan River is a covenant made before the creation of the earth and humanity, signifying the beginning of His ministry and the selection of the twelve disciples.

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