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Digital Artist


    The Digital Art concept has been evolving over the years giving the artist a creative edge over the traditional artist.

     With the digital pen and tablet the creative world for artist and photographers have evolved from the traditional canvas and dark rooms. From the traditional paint brush, acrylic and oils to the software programs creating the same look of art painted on canvas.

     Art created from photos once difficult to achieve has now become a normal process for anyone with a creative ability.

    Please subscribe and if you have not seen any art available for yourself, send me your favorite photo or photos. If possible to create an artistic representation of your photo you will receive a message your photo is in the gallery.

    Graduating from the Art Institute of Ft Lauderdale in 1976 with the skills of an airbrush and mural artist. Returning to Charleston, S.C.

    My career began as a technical illustrator for the Navy and Army. In 1984 as a graphic designer and photographer for the United States Air Force. Transferred to Fairchild AFB, WA Survival School with the mission to on Returning with Honor. in 1997 where I recently retired in December 2021.

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